Terms & Conditions

The recommendations published on the Lovesportsbetting web-site are accessed either by subscription or are free of charge.

In both cases whilst we are striving to make profitable recommendations, there are no guarantees as to their success.
Betting on any sporting event is a risk, and experience shows that there can be long losing runs as well as some winning ones. Certainly it is an accepted norm amongst professionals that losing days outnumber winning days more often than not. The key to long-term profitability is to try to make your winning days bigger than your losing ones.

So if you bet, then bet sensibly and bet responsibly.
It is accepted best practice that you should not bet what you cannot afford to lose, and if you stick to that maxim then you won't go far wrong in terms of keeping your betting within your means.

Keep your betting in perspective.
Don't think that you are indestructible if you have a winning run and increase your betting and your stakes as a result - more often than not you will start to give back your winnings quicker than you think.

Conversely don't despair if you're on a losing run.
And never ever try to chase your losses. That's where a sensible and disciplined staking plan comes into its own. Work out exactly what staking plan suits you and stick to it rigidly.

Most of all - Enjoy it and Have some fun.
There is no better feeling than a winning bet on a sporting event if you Lovesportsbetting!