What is Lovesportsbetting.com all about?

The site is all about selective, quality sports betting information, and mainly taking the leg-work out of it for today’s busy punter. Its a site that we hope any punter can look at given a spare couple of minutes and quickly see what we think are the day’s best betting opportunities.

Who runs Lovesportsbetting.com?

It's run by 4 people, 3 of whom are successful sports bettors who bet and also trade on sports, plus one person who is our media guru.

Why are you doing this, and what’s in it for you?

We are doing it to provide hopefully a decent service to busy people who like a bet, and to create a community of like-minded people.

But you don’t charge, so how do you make any money out of the site?

We don’t make any money out of the site – its free, and our plans are that it always will be. Nor do we want 3rd party adverts on the site. We want it to grow steadily by word of mouth. For completeness, as we said earlier we make our money from sports betting and trading so have no need nor desire to charge for the site.

Is there any guarantee of a profit?

Absolutely not, no.

Making any sort of profit from sports betting is difficult. It takes (1). DISCIPLINE; and (2). PATIENCE. Many people trying their hand at sports betting fail because of a lack of discipline, patience, or both. What we are saying is that our approaches to sports betting give us an edge over the general marketplace – we are betting on recommendations that we genuinely think have a better chance than their market odds reflect, so in the long-term that should be in our favour. But let us re-iterate again – there are no guarantees.

Your recommendations are given as 3 stars / 2 stars / 1 star - what does this mean?

This is merely a reflection of our level of confidence in the recommendation. The more stars, the more confident we are.

★★★ - our strongest recommendation, we are as confident as we can be

★★ - our next best recommendation, we are still fairly confident

- our most speculative recommendation, we have gone mainly for the price

Do you bet yourselves on all the recommendations given on Lovesportsbetting.com?

We do and on every recommendation.

As successful sports bettors do you publicise all the bets that you have yourselves on Lovesportsbetting.com?

No that isn’t possible. Some of our bets are very last minute or "in-play" when we see how an event is developing, but we hope to incorporate some of these into our Twitter feeds in the future. Furthermore we also trade on the betting exchanges – where we effectively “buy and sell” positions on sporting events, but trading isn’t as yet covered on Lovesportsbetting.com.

And why do I have to register to gain access to certain information?

That’s purely to create the “community” – those who are really interested and wish to follow us regularly. From time to time we will send out communications solely to our registered users which we hope they will find useful.