Our Approach to Horse Race Betting

horse race fence

It is often said that these are great days for horse racing punters who have "never had it so good". Never before has there been so much choice in terms of betting on horses, never before so many bookmakers offering great prices and special offers. Internet betting, satellite viewing, online form books including video form - its all there isn't it?

We totally agree, punters have never had it so good, and its all tax free for the winners!

So why is it still only about 2% make a profit from their betting on horse racing?

The answer is that its all got too difficult to keep up with. Indeed its almost impossible! There's simply too much racing, too many meetings, too many horses. To turn a profit these days you really need to simplify it.

And that's what our approach does. It takes the leg work out of it for you. Our approach has developed over many years, and it happens to be one that concentrates on selectivity as well as simplicity. We only concentrate on the higher class race meetings, where we know that form can usually be relied upon. Key races are then analysed from these main meetings, and where our selection process indicates a value bet then we have an edge over the general market prices on offer. We know that every horse that we recommend really should have a better chance of winning than the market indicates. And that's the key. Its not just about the strike rate - its about the price.

Betting on horses is a risky business, so in order to balance risk and reward we prefer not to recommend any horse that is in your daily newspaper betting forecast at odds of less than 3/1, and we check this prior to publishing...

Our approach means that race favourites are often avoided, effectively taken on with better-priced, better value recommendations. On many days there won't be a selection at all. We don't bet for the sake of it.

We can also take a higher risk approach for higher rewards.

Expect some big price recommendations as well, particularly at the Festival type meetings such as Cheltenham or Royal Ascot.

The aim is to make a decent profit on turnover over a long-term basis. So give it a go over a couple of months or so and see for yourself.