Our Approach to Golf Betting

golf competition bunker shot

Think of any sports betting event where there are more than 150 possibilities of a winner, and you quickly realise that picking the actual winner is going to be tricky.

Well thats what you have in golf, where a similar number of decent players tee it up against each other in US PGA and European Tour events week-in week-out.

Some are more likely winners than others, and this is always reflected in the betting forecast. But to give yourself a decent chance of making any sort of profit from golf betting, set against a large number of potential winners, you almost always need to select more than just one player and . So golf betting is definitely not like your regular horse race or football match!

...we recommend bets on a number of players...

Our approach to golf betting usually means that we are looking at players with course form in the past or with credible recent form to their name.

We often select a spread of players in the betting which can mean some large prices.

The aim is to make a profit over the long-term, and this can still be difficult. However, if a winner comes in it can be at a very decent price and sets us up for a number of future tournament bets. We concentrate mainly on the US PGA Tour which we feel is more consistent and where the best betting opportunities are. Sometimes we will recommend on the European Tour, mainly in the bigger events. And we always cover the 4 Major tournaments (The Masters; US Open; The Open; and the US PGA).