Our Approach to Football Betting

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Within football it is quite remarkable how many times coincidences seem to occur! For example, teams regularly cause upsets and win unexpectedly at the same venues or against the same opposition, time and time again, sometimes even by the same scoreline. Players often score first or last goals, or even braces or hat-tricks against their favourite teams. And how often is it heard by supporters "they are our bogey team" or "we never get anything here" only for the prediction to run true!

Is it really coincidence, or something else?

In our experience a number of unexpected results in football can in fact be predicted beforehand based on past statistical evidence, and it's this evidence that forms the backbone of our approach to football betting. The statistics often go back several years, and are in the main publicly available.

We then further refine our approach by incorporating the element of current form. That gives us a picture of what we believe to be the true odds for a particular game. If we see that a team are overpriced for a particular game, we are immediately interested.

We select games in which we feel that the bookmaker odds are out of line with our calculated probabilities, and its these games that form the mainstay of our recommendations...

We enjoy betting on the Premier League the most, as this is the league that we all watch and is often the most exciting, also providing the best betting opportunities! But we also select games from the UEFA Champions League and the English Championship as well as occasional cup games, and include more exotic and higher risk bets such as first scorer, correct score and score-cast. We also include as a bit of fun the ever popular accumulator for the weekend's games which is where we concentrate on the Sky Super 6 games (please read our article on this).