About Us – The Love Sports Betting Team!

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Who are we?

We are successful sports bettors who have teamed up to develop and maintain a sports betting website, namely Lovesportsbetting.com

We believe that these days the busy punter is often faced with too much information in order to determine a select number of the best sports betting opportunities each day. So our aim is very simple - to use our tried and tested approaches in the sports where we are expert to provide you with the best possible sports betting information, taking the leg-work out of it for you.

Horse Racing, Football and Golf are our recognised specialities!

We update our website daily and provide what we consider to be value sports betting recommendations. Give us a try over a couple of months and see what you think and read more about our approaches to horse racing, football and golf betting in the links below.

What we want is to develop a loyal and happy following of punters who visit our site regularly. If we are successful then the word will spread. The more regular visitors that we have, the better we will have to be with our information.

What's in it for us?

The satisfaction of knowing that we are providing a great, free service to a like-minded community of people. Simple as that!

Further details below :